Earlier this week, Sky revealed their plans to create a dish-free version of Sky Q by 2018. Today they brought things back to the present, revealing their plans for the year of 2017.

They revealed these plans in the following infographic:

In these plans, Sky sets out a lot of plans for the oncoming year, however, the most interesting are the mentions of Dolby Atmos and voice control, which were not given a specific release date, however, if the timeline is accurate, it may show that Voice Control and Dolby Atmos will be added to the service later on in the year.

Elsewhere, we can see that Sky is also planing to add Voice Search soon, which will probably be the stepping stone towards the Voice Control rollout, allowing Sky to develop the control feature further.

Voice Search is pretty self-explanatory, however, we don’t know exactly what Voice Control will do, however, we presume that it will allow you to conduct a range of controls with your voice such as turning the box on/off, change the volume, or change the channel, however, that’s all presumptions.

This will work with the currently unused microphone that can be found on the touch control.

We can also see the ability to record six shows at once while watching a seventh on the timeline, along with Autoplay on Credit, Personalised Homepage, and Auto-record on Catchup, however, we don’t know the exact details on these.

HDR support would also be nice on this list, however, since the Sky Q box does not support it in its current build, that feature would require the roll out of a new Sky Q box.

We will let you know the details about release dates and features for these additions when we hear about it.

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