Sky has this week announced that they will be increasing the amount that they filter content this week, revealing that they will be turning on parental controls for Sky Broadband customers by default.

As part of this anyone who subscribes to Sky Broadband from 2016 will automatically have these controls turned on when they activate the service.

Sky explained more in their statement:


Sky today announces its commitment to automatically turn on Sky Broadband Shield for all new broadband customers as standard in 2016. Currently new customers are asked whether they want to use Sky Broadband Shield, which lets them filter which websites are seen in their home, as part of the broadband set-up process. In the future, Sky Broadband Shield will be switched on when the broadband is first activated.

Sky Broadband Shield gives Sky customers control of their household’s internet experience by allowing them to filter what sites can be accessed, as well as protecting against malware-infected or phishing sites. Its watershed feature has adjustable settings which use age rating options (PG, 13, 18, Custom or none) to restrict sites and these can be varied depending on the time of the day.

Any existing customers will be contacted to ask if they would like to have the filtering turned on, if those customers do not reply, Sky will assume they do want them turned on.

Once it is on the filter will set a default age rating of 13, blocking any sites that do not meet that requirement, lasting until 9PM, after which time the age rating will go up to 18.

Customers will be able to turn this filter off through the My Sky settings. You can read more at the source link below.

Source Sky

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