Microsoft have updated their online storage service, SkyDrive to finally bring a recycle bin, which is pretty similar to the recycle bin on your PC, allowing you to recover any file you may have deleted by accident, which takes over the previous warning message that just checked you actually wanted to delete that file.

A user can access the new recycle bin from the new link at the left hand side of the SkyDrive interface, after which the recycle bin can be viewed in both thumbnail and details views, after which all you have to do is restore the chosen file back to its original location, all deleted files from now on will be stored in the bin for a maximum of 30 days and a minimum of 3 days, or if the bin exceeds 10% of your storage limit.

You can access the service today, however excel surveys will also be added soon, that will allow you to create a survey collect feedback or research results or even a competition, but links up with Microsoft’s Excel Web App or their desktop applications, all of which can be done from the “Create menu” upon release.

Source: Windows Team Blog

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