Skype has this week launched a brand new feature that will bring their full experience to the browser, this comes in the Skype for Web Beta which is now available to all users in the UK and US.

The feature is available to all users to test within these regions from today, coming after it was first announced back in November, 2014, and after the launch of the closed beta back in March.

Users can test this by simply visiting from any browser.

Once you have hit that up you just need to sign into your account without needing to download an app.

Microsoft hopes that this will be useful for those who are abroad and are trying to use Skype on a computer that they do not have administrative rights to, such as in an internet café.

Once the user is logged in they will then be able to see all of their existing conversations and contacts right from the browser, and just as if they were using the native Skype client.

Skype has also added a unique searchable list for finding the contacts or conversations that you have started elsewhere, and you will still be able to receive notifications no matter of what app you’re using on your computer.

Skype has said that it is working to deploy Skype for Web globally, but before then only those who live the UK and US can access the beta.

You can check it out at the source link below.

Source: Skype for Web

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