Skype has this week updated their Skype for Xbox One application with a new Snap pane that they hope will add a brand new Snap experience on the next-generation console.

Microsoft’s Snap feature is one of the biggest to have been added to the console, allowing users to easily snap two different applications next to each other, and view them at the same time, however this is currently restricted to apps that support the method of viewing.

And thats what comes with this new update, allowing users to Snap a Skype video or voice call alongside another Xbox One application or game, allowing users to see their chat and control whilst doing the same for a different application or game, for instance a user could Snap a video chat with their friends next to a game of Forza or Call of Duty and view their reactions whilst playing the game.

A user could also Snap a voice chat whilst watching a movie and truly share the experience.

Microsoft have also added in some bug fixes with the update, including an improved start-time and a few more additions.

Source: Skype

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