As part of a celebration of next week’s Internet Week Europe festival, Skype will be offering the entire UK free Wi-Fi access for a whole week, which will start on Monday the 7th November all the way up to the following Friday the 11th.

So you’re probably wondering how can I take advantage of this great offer? well, first off you will need to find a Skype Access compatible hotspot after which you will then need to get Skype’s app on your Mac/ Windows PC or even iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

If you are on a laptop or computer you will first off need to make sure you have updated to the latest version of Skype, if you don’t have it yet you will need to download it, after which you can join a Skype partnered WiFi network, where you will receive a message asking you if you want to connect using Skype’s WiFi, after this click connects and your all done.

If you are on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can connect to all you will have to do is first head on over to the App Store and download the free Skype WiFi app [iTunes link], once you’ve got that just launch the app and sign in with your Skype account details, tap connect and once again you’re online.

Even though Skype say they will be offering free WiFi for a week, there is a limitation to the service, allowing you to actually only use the service for 60 minutes over 4 separate sessions of 15 minutes, after which you will be disconnected from the service.

What do you think? Will you use the free WiFI?

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