Rumors have been floating around that Sony was going to release a slimmer PlayStation 3 for quite some time now, but finally it’s official, with the new slimmer  model hitting stores in the UK on September 28th.

Alongside the 160GB, 320GB and 500GB model their will also be a 12GB flash memory version hitting stores on October 12th, both of which are 25% lighter and 20% slimmer than the current PS3, which is more than a half when comparing to its original.

As rumored the new slimmer model will also include a top loading sliding disc cover, much like the PS2 Slim, but of course includes a few more specs than that model.

But, probably the best part is how cheap this device will be, this is still yet to be confirmed for the UK but Amazon are listing the 160GB model at £184.99.

Europe has however got a price of 299 Euros for the 500GB model with FIFA 13 thrown in, alongside the 12GB version for 229 Euros.

Source: PlayStation

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