Today Smanos, the smart home security company announced the launch of their UFO Panoramic Wi-Fi HD camera in the UK.

It was launched in the US some time ago but from today it will make its way to the UK, available separately or as an add-on to the existing Smanos home security system.

This new camera uses fisheye lens technology, with night vision technology for recording in the dark and motion detection technology to make sure you are only recording when needed. The fisheye lens allows it to record with a 360-degree bird’s eye view, 180-degree panoramic view, or with an auto-corrected 90-degree quad view if you prefer.

It has been designed to fit into your home and suit your needs, with the ability to mount it on a ceiling, on a wall, or on a separate desk stand sitting on a flat surface.

You can control it using an iPhone or Android device, and the storage can be stored on a microSD card or on the cloud service.

The Smanos UFO Panoramic Wi-Fi HD Camera is now available from Smanos’ website today and from other retailers for £149 in the UK

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