A lot of smart home technology relies on your smartphone for control, forcing you to use that smartphone to access smart home features.

That forces you into one use case and can often mean that other people with your home are unable to control it. Brilliant does have another option for you that is a smart home control panel which provides you with access to your smart home tech right from a panel on your wall.

This includes controls for smart home lighting, music playback, and climate control systems with easy access to other smart home products such as Sonos, Nest, and a few more, without the need for a smartphone.

It also features not only touch controls but also voice controls.

You can pre-order the smart control panel from Brilliant’s website, the first 1000 customers to do so will also be getting a $50 discount.

After that, Brilliant expect to ship the panel in late summer 2017.

Take a look at it via the video and source link below.

Source: Brilliant

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