Have you just got a shiny new smartphone for Christmas, but don’t have a clue how to set it up? Well the TechNutty team are here to help, with this handy set up guide were we will try to help with setting up your new phone from when you the it out the box.

The first you should do regardless of what your parents may have told you in the past is to have a good a=old play with it, according to almost all manufacturers the best thing to do with your phone is to drain the battery first, this will help the phone recharge more efficiently in the future.

First Time Set-Up

The first thing you will see when you turn on the phone is most likely a set up screen, of which most smart phones have them and coincidently is our first step.

iPhone Set Up

If you are lucky enough to receive a new iPhone this year, when you first turn on the screen you will find something like the image above, the continue you need to slide across the bottom half of the screen, after which the phone will ask you to either sign in with your Apple ID or create a new one, select whichever one apply’s to you and follow the instructions.Next it will ask you if you want to enable iCloud, which is Apple’s new over the internet syncing storage  system, which will allow you to sync a wide variety of your data with their servers, you can either select on or off, but I would suggest leaving it on.After which you should follow the on-screen instructions and your done!Android Setup

If you have an Android phone the setup might be very differnt to other setups on various phones, and even quicker in some cases. On an Android phone when you first turn on your new phone you will see a screen much like the one above, all you have to do to proceed is simply touch the Android to begin.After which if you may be asked if you would like to connect to a WiFi network, as  this needed for the next step, once you have completed this you will be asked to either sign into your Google account or make a new one, you are not required to do this but it will be need if you widh to use any Google services on your Android phone.

After you have done that you will be asked which services you would like to use on your new phone, i defiantly recommend selecting all of them as they simply make the phone what it is, and then finally all you have to do is set the date and time and your done!

Windows Phone Setup
The initial ssetup for a Windows Phone si actully really easy all you have to do is click get started whn promted, after which you will need to select the country you live in, accept some terms and conditions and then either select the recommended or custom configuration.
After you’ve picked one you will then have to sign in with your Windows Live ID, or create a new one, this is a pretty common feature with smartphones today, but allows you to acces some pretty great features, and then your done!
If there is any phones we have missed or you want to help with your own first time setup information please let us know below.
Moving Your Data To Your New Phone
After you have set up your device the next best thing to do is move your data from your old phone (if you have one) to your new phone, this could be easy or difficult depending on the differnce between phones.
The most important thing the move over is of course your contacts for which the easiest ways to do this is to get your carrier to do it for you, who should be able to transfer all your contacts in a few minutes, but their may be a small few depending on the carrier you are switching from.
Even easier than this though is if both of your phones are GSM capable, you could just you a SIM card to copy your contacts over, all you would have to do is use an option labeled something like copy/move contacts to SIM card, after you have done this stick the SIM in your new phone and find an option called something like, copy/move contacts from SIM.
Or if you are connected to the internet you could use a service created by Google called Google Sync, which supports most major phones including the iPhone, Windows phones, Nokia phones and Blackberry’s, all you have to do is use it on your old device uploading your contacts to the cloud, then download it again on your new device sign in and download them from the cloud, easy.

As well as this being a smartphone you could also sync your Email, for which depending on your phone is really easy, all you have to do is sign in on the phones native application and tour done, this could vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but for most phones it really is that simple.


Transfer Your Music and Movies To Your New Device


The next step we recommend to do is to get all of your media files onto your new device, for which Google and Android users will have it the easiest as all of this data can be stored in the cloud, if you have an iPhone for example you could just get onto your computer and setup iTunes Match this will allow you to sync any and all of your music from your iTunes onto the cloud allowing you to download it again to any Apple device, of course if a lot of your music has in fact been purchased from the iTunes Store this will already be in the cloud so you will have access to it without the need for iTunes Match.


But if you have a different phone I’m afraid your going to have to get the old USB lead out, fr Windows Phone you will need to use Microsoft’s Zune software, BlackBerry you need to use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and any other phone should be supplied with instructions on how to sync your new device.


The Obvious Nest Stage: Downloading Apps


Now everything is synced to you device and your phone is all setup its time to download some of those all important Apps, for which each app store will have a various selection of some amazing apps:


Google’s Android Marketplace

Check out the Top Free in Apps here.

And The Top Paid in Apps here.

Apple’s App Store

Check out the Top Free in Apps here.

And The Top Paid in Apps here.

Window’s Marketplace

Check out the Top Free in Apps here.

And The Top Paid in Apps here.


Pick Up Some Accessories For Your Device, and Enjoy It!


The next and final step is to pimp out your new smartphone, no matter what it’s make ever phone deserves its own protective case, new set of headphones and accessories. One of the first things you should get is a case for your phone, some people advice this before you even purchase your new phone this is because a case will basically allow you to keep you fresh looking good for a long period of time, helping you battle of any scratches or accidental dropages.


What do you think? Is there anything we missed? What phone you you get for Christmas?


Drop us a line or two in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @technuttyblog.

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