50 Cent has long been pushing his own brand of headphones in order to compete with Dr.Dre’s Beats headphones, the rapper created a new company called SMS Audio.

But today they have unveiled a new set of headphones launching onto the market, called the Street by 50 Over Ear Active Noise Control Wired Headphones, featuring a professionally tuned 40mm drivers, with a soft leather memory foam ear cushion either side.

Made to be good for both traveling and for daily use. Packing a rechargeable battery, they promise that the headphones will last up to 70 hours from a single charge, however the headphones can still be used if the battery goes dead at some point.

To charge and use the headphones, there’s a removable cable that features a three-click microphone, as well as a cleaning cloth, carry case and a micro-USB charging cable.

The headphones will be available in both silver and black for $279.95.

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