Earlier this week Snap Inc released their Spectacles smart glasses into the wild, allowing anyone to purchase a pair from one of their minion-esk vending machine.

These glasses will link to your phone and allow you to record videos on-the-go, these videos are recorded in a circular format and are uploaded to Snapchat over a WiFi or Bluetooth connection, after which, users can view them in either a portrait or landscape method, with the landscape orientation providing more footage thanks to the circular recording.

They will be available from the Snapbot vending machine in various places in the US, the location of which will change on a daily occurrence.

However, for now, they are only available from these locations and it doesn’t look like the Spectacles will be making their way outside of the US anytime soon, at least not through official means.

So if you’re not willing to pay the extraordinary prices from the various eBay listings, then you will probably not get to take a look at them or use them. Thankfully, some sources have queued up for you, posting videos of their first hands-on with the smart glasses on YouTube.

You can check out our roundup of those videos below.


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