If you already own the new MacBook, or if you are looking to pick up the new MacBook Pro then you might have noticed that those notebooks now only charge over USB Type-C, not MagSafe.

As we mentioned earlier, Griffin does have a connector that will bring similar compatibility to the new MacBooks with a gadget called the BreakSafe, however, this gadget only works with 13-inch models of the MacBook Pro and the MacBook.

However, there is another option for those who want to grab the new MacBook Pro, or just don’t want to grab the Griffin connector.

Called the Snapnator, it is a new MagSafe alternative that brings MagSafe back to the MacBook, whilst using that same USB Type-C connectivity, and it will also work on any other product that uses USB Type-C by the way.

You can check it out via the video below and you can find out more about it at the source link below that, where you can also back the project.

Source: Kickstarter

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