To date, I’ve never really found an alarm clock that works at actually waking me up, I can easily turn off alarms like it is my job, my phone doesn’t work, that box on my shelf doesn’t work, and even my natural alarm clock doesn’t work at waking me up.

Today a new alarm clock was launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform that claims to be a “snooze-proof alarm clock”.

It is called Snoozie and was launched by a startup named Valentin Nicula from Germany and is an alarm clock that claims to make the alarm clock simpler and more productive.

Place Snoozie on top of its Snoozle base were you want it and you are ready to go. From that place it will work just like any alarm clock, however, it will only stop ringing when you place it on top of the Snoozle base, meaning that you have to get out of bed, pick up Snoozie and put it on the base.

They are looking for backing on Kickstarter this week to get it into production.

They are looking to raise €44,000 on the platform, to get to which they are offering backers a pre-order for a pledge from €44.

You can check out the video below to take a quick look.

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