Today we are going to do something we haven’t done for some time now, review a case for the iPad, specifically the Snugg case and stand for the iPad 4 or 3, a long running simple and stylish case for the iPad, it includes an integrated stand, stylus holder and a hand strap.

A play on its name, your iPad slips into the case, well snugly. Secured in place with a Velcro strap, there’s no worries about the iPad slipping out at any point, and with cut out slots for things like the power button, charging port and headphone jack, everything can be easily accessed when the case is on.

snugg 1

Featuring a loop about the front facing camera cutout, this has been designed for you to securely place your stylus alongside the iPad.

Once closed, the leather case covers the entirety of the iPad and attaches securely with magnets, which also allow you to use the iPad’s magnetic sleep/ wake function upon opening the case, flap it open and the iPad will open.

On the inside you will find a soft nubuck fibre material, that will help protect the screen from scratches. Also featured here is that elasticated hand strap, that allows you to hold the iPad easily whilst using it, however myself this isn’t as useful as it may seem, and the flap can mean the iPad will simply flap around whilst attached to your hand.

snugg 2

However, the stand is most defiantly the opposite of this, allowing you to easily clip the case into one of may standing positions, so you can more clearly see the screen when watching the screen, or when typing out a document, as well as keeping it in a sturdy portrait position.

Available for £29.99, the Snugg case is quite expensive, however I guess you do pay for what you get, with a sleek leather design, The Snugg has a nice professional look to it, however personally, its bulk is a little off-putting to me.

However that’s just my opinion, but if you feel the same way I would advice the best option for you would be the Apple made case, which I think is one of the best cases around, however it doesn’t feature some of this cases great stand positions, and can sometimes be a little lacking when it comes to standing the iPad in a good viewing position, and that’s why this case may end up to be the better option overall.

If you want, you can pick up The Snugg for yourself here.

Disclosure: The guys over at Snugg sent us this case for review purposes.

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