Sony has just announced HD updates of my Favorite PS3 games, God of War and Infamous. Both of which will be receiving a new HD coat of paint and joint together in one huge collection.

The God of War Saga will include a total of five different games, the first three of which will include those from the main console series which will be packed with God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Alongside the game there will also be a selection of bonus content and a one-month voucher for PlayStation Plus, the games will also include Trophy and Dualshock 3 support.

The second game to get its own HD graphics and bundled into a collection is InFamous, which will obviously include the first two titles alongside InFamous: Festival of Blood and various bonus missions.

These two collections will be joining the already announced Ratchet and Clank Collection in stores on August 28th and will set you back around $29.99 each, and according to Sony this isn’t the last of the collections so you can look forward to seeing a lot more of that HD goodness.

Via [PlayStation Blog US]

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