Yesterday Sony announced a couple of new things, the first being a new handheld games console called the Sony PS Vita 2000, which features 1GB of memory and a new extended battery that provides an extra hour of gameplay. Despite that the console is still thinner and lighter than its predecessor and includes  a new 5 inch LCD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and multi-touch gesture support.

Still featuring a similar design, Sony have only opted to make the new 2000 slightly more rounded with redesigned select buttons,

The PS Vita 2000 will be available in yellow, blue, pink and grey from October 10th 2013 for 18,980 yen or $190.33 in Japan, however nothing has been announced for its release in the UK, US or Europe.

PS Vita TV

Alongside the Vita 2000, Sony also announced the PlayStation Vita TV, which is a new miniature console that can play Vita games and connect to PlayStation controllers, alongside which it can also access Sony’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services, making it great for the budget living room.

Other services will also be included such as Twitter and Hulu and the TV box will allow for HDMI output and packs a USB and Ethernet port.

The PS Vita TV will be available from November 14th for  14,995 yen ($150) in Japan, however there’s no news on whether it will be making its way to the UK, US or Europe yet.

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