During their press event Sony announced the Smartband Talk and the Smartwatch 3 during their press event at IFA 2014.

First off is the Smartband Talk, which features a microphone and a speaker that allows the user to make or take calls on the go with HD Voice capabilities. But that’s not all, it also has a curved 1.4 inch e-paper display that features a 288 x 128 resolution, which means that its 70mAh battery can last up to 3 days from a single charge according to Sony.

Sony also state that the SmartBand features an accelerometer and altimeter that will allow the user to track their activity via Sony’s Lifelog app on their smartphone, and it also has a IP68 rating which means its good from most situations.

The Smartband Talk will be available in black, white, red, blue, pink and lime, starting with black and white for €159.99.

Smartwatch 3

Next up is the Smartwatch 3, which feature a completely new design from previous models, with a 1.6 inch 360 x 360 pixel resolution display that has a tranflective LED and an ambient light sensor.

It also has an IP68 rating, alongside a stainless steel backing, and a front-facing design that is available in either black or lime. The straps can also be changed to either pink or white.

Inside there’s also connectivity for NFC, with a micro-USB port for charging and a button on the side to turn it on or off.

The Smartwatch 3 will also run on Android Wear and will be fully compatible with Sony’s Lifelog app, featuring 4GB of internal storage.

You will be available to pick one up for yourself in Autumn 2014 for €229.99.

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