After teasing that they will Sony be revealing a new SmartWatch, Sony have gone all out announcing the release of the new Sony SmartWatch 2 that packs NFC connectivity, waterproofing and pairing with Android.

As a second-screen companion for the smartphone, it can be used to take calls, release the phone’s camera shutter remotely, or even control your music, and with a IP57 water-resistant rating, it should be fine on some of the Britain’s rainy days.

Packing a 1.6 inch display with a 220 x 176 pixel resolution, the display is a little larger than before, alongside which Sony have also improved the resolution for daylight viewing.

And with that new NFC connectivity, pairing to an Android phone should be a lot easier than before.

The SmartWatch 2 will feature an aluminum design and will be available with a range of strap styles and colours, however as to when it will be available or the for what price, we do not know.

However we should hear more from Sony soon.

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