The Walkman isn’t dead yet, as Sony announced its rival during its press event at IFA 2014, dubbed the Walkman NWZ-Air, the audio player is a little different from the old Walkman we all used to know, featuring support for high-end audio formats that include ALAC and FLAC.

The new Walkman also claims to have a better-than-average amplifier thanks to its POSCAP capacitor.

It also features lead-free solder points and thicket power cabling, that means that it could last longer than usually.

It also features a two-coloured long design that measures just 44mm wide and is only 8.7mm thick, featuring a triangular button alignment on the bottom of the front.

On the top there’s also a 2.2 inch 320 x 240 pixel resolution display, with basic media player software in-built.

There’s also Bluetooth and NFC connectivity in-built, with FM radio technology in-built.

The Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 will be available in the US from September for $299.99, as of yet no UK pricing has been announced.

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