After 20 years since they introduced the original robot dog, Sony unveiled a brand new version of Albo this week, bringing the brand back with a range of new updates that brings Albo into the modern day.

The first thing that you will notice about the 2017 version of Albo is the design, which was built with a number of new techniques that make it look closer to a real-life dog than its predecessors thanks to a more rounded appearance.

On top of that, Sony has built a couple of OLED displays into the eyes that will allow Albo to covey more lifelike expressions and Albo is now able to move those eyes as well as its ears tail, and legs with new 1 and 2-axis actuators that allow the new version of the robot dog to move along 22 axes and complete a number of new movements.

They have also updated the software on Albo, allowing the dog to wander around your home by itself and even learn and recognise your praise and smiles. And as it learns its surroundings over time, Albo will look around your home, making its own adventures.

Sony has also said that they will be launching a “My Albo” app in January 2018 that will expand Albo’s feature set with customisation and the ability to view photos for a camera that is built into its nose.

The app will also allow come with a game where you can play with a virtual Albo and gain new tricks for your real life one.

Albo has only been set for a launch in Japan in January. Should we hear more about other regions we will be sure to update you.

In the meantime, check out Albo in the video below.

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