Since their partnership in 2001 the Sony Corporation and Ericsson have both benefited from each over expertise, for example, Ericsson knew how to make the phones and Sony knew how to build a great music player, the Walkman.

Since the first ever Walkman collaboration Sony Ericsson have been creating ‘special’ phones specifically designed for music, the W8 is certainly a true descendant of the brand bringing some excellent music features as well has so pretty cool entertainment features too.


The W8 is a lot smaller than what you would expect from a smartphone today, but is still manufactured closely with other Sony Ericsson phones like the X10 Mini and Mini Pro, but there is one feature that does change in this device compared to the norm, it includes a quite old version of Andriod in order to support the W8’s many music features whilst keeping the costs as low as possible.

In fact, since the release of this  phones OS two over versions had been released (Froyo and Gingerbread) and shortly (Ice Cream Sandwich). But I would like to say that even though the OS is outdated I felt it does a pretty good job within this interface.


Probably the best part about the phone is it’s various entertainment features, which include the Walkman media player which works with any format of music and is simply a joy to use, but probably the best part that is included within the entertainment sector, is the headphones which I found really clear and smooth.

Online Features

Alongside all of this, the phone also comes with 3G and Wi-Fi giving you access to some fantastic online features, which include web browsing and e-mail, as well as instant messaging and finally your favourite social networks.

In terms of Apps the W8 is extremely social including Twitter integrated into the interface from the first day you get the phone, Facebook fans have to go download the app though, don’t know why, but they have given Facebook a feature to sync your contacts on your Facebook with your W8 Phonebook.


The camera on this phone is the only part that really let the phone down, but if you are only going to use it occasionally it should suit you perfectly, the W8 is fitted with a 3.2-megapixel camera and has the ability to geo-tag, send pictures to websites/ blogs and or VGA video recording.


To summarize the phone is extremely small, but still contains some pretty nifty features from a Walkman-branded music player, 3G internet and Wi-Fi connectivity’s, but this phone is let down a bit by its camera and very old operating system.

I would only suggest this phone who only wants it for day to day life as this phone will not be able to keep up with some of the other phones on the market, but I have to say I am certainly starting to like it.

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