The Xperia Mini is probably the smallest Andriod powered HD smartphone around at the time of its release, and was launched alongside it’s better alternative the Xperia Mini Pro, the Mini features full HD video recording as well as playback alongside some other great entertainment features whilst running the latest Andriod Gingerbread OS.

The Mini is a very small phone truly deserving the name ‘mini’, it features a 3 inch LCD screen allowing the phone to be extremely portable whilst being easy to use with touchscreen features, the phones screen will support various multi-touch commands, and makes perfect use of Sony’s Bravia technology.

The Bravia technology makes the phone an entertainment powerhouse with a brilliant quality for all of your photos and videos, which until now was reserved for Sony’s top of the line HD TV’s.

The Mini also comes packed with entertainment features in built, including excellent video support, that will support full HD recording and playback thanks to the brilliant media player included with the phone.

The phone also features an amazing 5-megapixel camera that can record in 720p with an LED flash alongside geo-tagging, touch focus and face detection, alongside all of this, the mini will also support you favourite online video content from YouTube.

The phone will also support a wide range of video and music formats with some of Sony’s great media features like TrackID, FM radio and a 3.5mm Headset, allowing the phone to be fully compatible with all of your entertainment needs.

Another great thing that the Mini includes the included interface which revolves around the phones four easy to access buttons which are positioned on each corner of the screen, these can provide you with fast access to the app of you choice ranging from messages all the way to Angry Birds.

Alongside this, the phones interface has excellent social media integration, which allows to the display you Facebook photos directly from the photo gallery and comment on them, without entering the Facebook App.

The interface has been placed above Gingerbread allowing the phone to access some of the great features that Andriod provides, such as threaded SMS, email and not forgetting the Andriod Market, allowing you to access thousands of apps and games, many of which are completely free.


To summarize I think the Xperia Mini is a great little Andriod phone hosting some amazing features for its tiny size, and is the smallest smartphone with HD support, the Mini also features some great messaging and social networking ability’s all within a compact and great looking phone.

Check out our Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro Phone Review, which has, even more, features than the Mini, with a QWERTY keyboard, front facing the camera and included apps making the phone a bit more professional such as OfficeSuite and Exchange ActivSync.

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