During their press event today, Sony made not only the long-rumoured PlayStation 4 Slim, but also the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Slim will be the new standard model for the PlayStation 4, however, the PlayStation 4 Pro will come with a few more professional features to enhance the gaming experience.

In particular, the PS4 Slim will feature much of the same components as the original PlayStation 4, however, in a much slimmer and lighter form-factor.

It will also still be capable of playing all of the existing games.

The PlayStation 4 Slim will be out on September 15th for $300 in the US, or £259 in the UK.


The PlayStation pro will build upon that with much better graphics at the cost of size.

Inside of the console, the Pro will take advantage of AMD’s Polaris GPU, allowing it to be up to twice as fast when compared to the original.

There’s also a faster clock rate with a 1TB hard drive, with the ability of playing back 4K content in both video games, and when consuming media. With HDR compatibility.

Exisiting games will also work with the PlayStation 4 Pro, however, they would need to be patched to be compatible with the new HDR/ 4K playback.

The PS4 pro will launch on November 10th, for $399


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