Sony already rolled out their MDR-ZX and MDR-EX series earlier this year, but today they have expanded upon that with their new MDR-ZX and MDR-EX ranges.

At the top of the MDR-ZX range is the new MDR-ZX750BN headphones, these new headphones feature a headband style and feature noise cancellation technology built into them, which Sony says will block out 98% of all ambient sound.

The headphones also use Bluetooth connectivity in order to stream music without wires, allowing the listener to listen to anything from any Bluetooth device, but if you use it with a Sony Xperia device you can also pair with the headphones easily using HFC technology.

The headphones are also paired with an internal rechargeable battery, allowing for audio playback for up to 13 hours when active noise cancellation is turned off.

The headphones also feature a remote control that features a microphone built-in, allowing the user to make and take calls without having to take the headset off, as well as allowing the user to control music playback.

Within the headphones Sony uses a 40mm drivers that is said to provide a wide dynamic range and quality sound.

In terms of the MDR-EX headphones, there’s a wide selection, with over 11 new products to choose from both lines in total.

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