There’s only one day left until the PS4 launches in the US, but despite the fact that the European launch isn’t until November 29th, it seems as though Sony might be planning an event for the UK launch already, decorating the OXO Tower with the famous controller icons.

As of yet there’s no information as to what will exactly go down, and from the pictures all I can tell is there’s going to be lights, however Sony have also revealed that they will be inviting members of the public to join its dedicated PlayStation 4 lounge in Covert Garden, which will be opened tomorrow (November 15th) and be closed on December 1st, allowing users to get a quick look at the console before it’s launch, or even after it.

PS4 Lounge

Details for that last part are available on a designated Facebook page at

If you see anything else interesting let us know.

[Update] A tweet has just been sent out with an image of the OXO Tower lights, check it out below:

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