Sony has today unveiled a new SD card that makes them the manufacturer of what they claim to be the fastest SD card that is currently available, at least for now.

This new speedy SD card has been titled the SF-G Series, which is currently the “world’s fastest” SD card, boosting write speeds of 299 MB/s and read speeds of 300 MB/s, yes megabytes per second, not megabits.

The next fastest SD card is from SanDisk’s Extreme Pro range and features speeds of 260 MB/s.

They say that this increase is due to some “unique firmware” but they didn’t reveal much more than that.

Of course, if you take a lot of photos or shoot a lot of videos then how it doesn’t won’t matter much, it will make you live much better and faster. Until someone makes something faster.

T0 use one you need some camera hardware that is compatible with the UHS (Ultra High Speed) II classification.

There are three versions of these cards, a 32GB SDHC model, and the 64GB/ 128GB SDXC models, however, we don’t yet know the pricing or release date information about these cards.

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