After the announcement of Sony’s 4K TV’s and services at this years CES I was actually quite excited for 4K to launch, with the prospect of actually being able to download content for such a TV from Sony, I might have actually purchased one.

However you probably noticed that I used the word “might” in that last sentence, that’s because Sony’s UKTV and Home Entertainment Business Head, Paul Gyles today confirmed to Inside CI that there is in fact “‘No plans for Europe at this stage’, and that the service will   be a “United States-only thing.”

This is defiantly sad news for both us the consumer and the industry as it might just mean 4K content will not take off here in the UK or in fact anywhere else outside of the US, Sony has mentioned that customers will be able to buy 4K discs, but won’t be able to download them from the couch, with their focuses set on upscaling 4K content to 4K.

However it’s probably quite likely the new screens won’t take off at all with prices in the £25,000 range.

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