If you have a PS Vita it’s time to update to the new firmware version 1.65 with a number of improvements to the handhelds OS, described as a “minor” update.

One of the biggest features in the new update is most defiantly the new “Notification Alert” option which allows you to toggle alerts on and off, the only minor problem being that the notifications take up quite a bit of space on the screen, proving to be quite annoying during a game.

Another option which has been added is a new arrow icon which will appear when the Vita finds a new activity in your Live Area, as well as the icon you will also fins that caps lock is now supported on the keyboard which is very handy.

The final option added allows you to pout your device to sleep automatically after a period of inactivity, which you may be thinking is already supported but it currently only allows for a max of 5 minutes, with the update this has been upped to 10 minutes before going to standby.

According to Sony the new update will be released “soon”, being extremely vague we will let you know later on, we so know that you will be able to update over both Wi-Fi and 3G, or via Sony’s Content Manager on your Mac or PC.

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