We saw a lot of TVs during this year’s CES conference, with new offerings from LG, Samsung, and Sony.

Today we have received some new news about Sony’s new TVs in particular as the company has just revealed the pricing for the 2017 line of 4K OLED TVs, as well as the new A/V reciever and soundbars that they will be offering alongside them.

To be specific, Sony revealed pricing for the new XBR-A1E TV, which is set to be the companies first large-scren OLED line of TVs.

At the top of this line is the 77-inch XBR-77A1E, but sadly we don’t know pricing for that model just yet. We do know the pricing for the other TVs though, which will be set at $6,500 for the 65-inch XBR-65A1E, and $5,000 for the 55-inch XBR-55A1E.

That’s for the US pricing, sadly we don’t know the pricing for other regions just yet, but we do know that you can pre-order the TVs today and that they will begin shipping from April of this year.

Thankfully, Sony does have a bit more news than that, they also revealed the pricing for their new soundbars and the new STR-DN1080 A/V receiver.

The STR-DN1080 A/V receiver will retail for $600 in the US, featuring what Sony called Phantom Surround Back technology, which enables Dolby Atmos or DTS:X to provide sound that is similar to what you would get from a 7.1.2 setup but with a 5.1.2 setup, which is pretty cool.

The TR-DN1080 HiFi A/V Receiver will begin shipping in May

They also have a couple of new soundbars.

The HT-ST5000 is the new flagship soundbar, packing 800 watts of audio power, it is ready for 7.1.2-channel Dolby Atmos surround sound but is also quite expensive at $1,500 in the US.

The HT-MT300 Compact Sound Bar is slightly more affordable at $350 in the US, however, it is smaller and as such it doesn’t pack as much sound, that said, it will fit smaller spaces better.

The HT-MT300 Compact Sound Bar hits stores this month, while the HT-ST5000 Flagship Sound Bar will ship in July.

You can find out more at the source links below.

Sources: Sony (A1E OLED TV), Sony (STR-DN1080), Sony (HT-ST5000), Sony(MT-300)

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