Another interesting thing that Sony revealed at this year’s MWC was their “Open-style concept” for a pair of in-ear headphones named the Sony Xperia Ear.

This new device will be powered a technology that Sony is calling ‘open-ear’, which was designed by Sony’s Future Lab Program and is said to allow the user to hear the world around them while wearing the on-ear headphones, which Sony says will provide an “unparalleled ambient experience”.

It will also be powered by the Sony Agent Technology as the previous Xperia Ear was.

To top that off, Sony says that it will also bring support for Google Assistant to your ear, allowing you to ask Google questions on the go, however, we don’t yet know how this will work.

In fact, because it is a concept we don’t know much about it at all.

But that doesn’t stop it from being an interesting device. We will be sure to update you about it when we hear more.

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