Recently Sony announced the Xperia C3 which we thought would be the new selfie smartphone from the company, however another smartphone that claims to be the Sony Selfie has been leaked today, with a design that is certainly different.

The smartphone is said to feature a large camera sensor fitted to the top of the handset that can be rotated 180 degrees.

In terms of specs, the camera is also said to take 19.2 megapixel photos with a 1/2.3 Sony Exmoor RS sensor, a Sony G Lens, Optical Image Stabilisation, and an ND filter.

In other specs, the smartphone is also said to have a 3 inch display, WiFi, NFC and a microSD card slot.

In terms of other specs we have yet to hear anything else, but given that we have nothing official yet, we cannot say that any of this will actually be true.

As soon as we do hear anything official we will let you know.


Source: Gforgames

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