Sony has today announced that they will be selling off its Vaio and PC business, after seeing sales numbers fall during the financial year of 2014.

The brand and business will be sold as a whole to Japan Industrial Partners by the end of March, allowing Sony to focus on other parts of its business, mainly its TV department, which they announced will be reformed into its own standalone entity by the end of June 2014.

There phones and tablets arm will also become an important part of their business, however it still forecasts a loss of around $1.1 billion for 2013, as well as the cutting of around 5000 jobs worldwide by March of this year.

The PS4 helped to keep that number a little lower, thanks to the sales of 4.2 million units and 9.7 million games in the first six weeks of it being on sale, as well as an increase in PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

Sony have said that they will fulfil all of its aftercare warranties after the separation.

Source: Sony

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