Sony has this week announced that they will be launching their own Star Wars branded gear, revealing that they will be bringing out their own Darth Vader themed PlayStation 4 console.

To be released alongside EA’s Star Wars Battlefront, the console features a fully customised chassis than features its own silhouette of Darth Vader. It also has 1TB of in-built storage and a unique DualShock 4 controller that has a red directional pad, grey thumbsticks and a mix of grey and red buttons on the front along with red and blue shoulder buttons.

The Darth Vader PS4 will be available in limited edition quantities in two bundle variations, these include the console and a copy of Star Wars: battlefront, or with the Sega Starter Pack edition of Destiny Infinity 3.0.

And on top of all this each bundle will also pack a voucher to download a set of Star Wars Classics including Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars Bounty Hunter, all of which have been reworked to work perfectly with the PlayStation 4.

The Darth Vader edition of the PS4 will be available on November 17th in the US and November 19th in both Australia and the UK.

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