Sony has today announced what they call “the future sound of cinema”, the STR-DA5800ES home cinema Av receiver comes with a full 4K resolution, and 9.2 channel speaker inputs, they have also added various sound modes, which you can change depending on what you are watching, there’s also 9 HDMI inputs with second room zones and support for high resolution files.

With the Zone 2 HDMI output you can also show films in another film, you can also stream movies and music from your laptop, tablet , smartphone, phone or iPad, as long as it is connected yo your home network.

The STR-DA5800ES also includes 9 HDMI inputs which allow you to plug-in various HD devices such as BluRay players, Games Consoles or a set-top box, alongside which there’s also a USB port.

There’s no news on pricing or availability just yet, but we should find out more soon.

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