The Sony Walkman isn’t done for yet, and Sony are determined to keep rolling out products under that name, unveiling their latest WH series of headphones, which can be used as wireless headphones, speakers or an MP3 player.

Packing 16GB of internal storage, the headphones have their own independent music player which once fully charged can last up to 20 hours from a single charge, and Sony say that you can charge it for just three minutes and get about and hours worth of playback.

There’s also a cable for listening to music from a device, which once in headphone mode can pump out powerful bass tones, with a 40mm dome driver unit and a 5-25,000Hz range.

There’s also a selection of different modes that include dynamic, enhanced bass, clear or sustained mid-to-high range vocals, and in speaker mode, the headset uses Sony’s xLoud and VPT technology to provide immersive surround sound.

Sony will also release a version called the NWZ-WH303 which will come with 4GB of onboard storage, a 30mm driver and a 30-20,000Hz range.

The new WH303 and WH505 Series Walkman models will be available from October, priced at £99 and £179 respectively.

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