This week Sony unveiled a brand new short throw projector that you might be very interested in.

That is because this particular model is capable of throwing a 4K Ultra HD 373.38 cm (147 inch) image to a wall from a very short distance away, this means that there’s no tricky installs or alignments. Just place the projector next to the wall that you want to project onto, plug in some cables and you are ready to go.

And if 147 inches is a little too much for you, you can also change the size of the projection down to as low as 66 inches.

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Sony has designed this to be an all-in-one unit for all of your entertainment, in the center  of the unit you will find the main attraction, the projector module with an auto closing and opening cover, next to which there are two front firing speakers, and then finally, at the end there is a cabinet on either side to store all of your entertainment equipment.

In terms of specifications, the projector can put out a 4096 x 2160 resolution image from its 4K SXRD panels, which were developed by Sony to “deliver a native 4K picture without any electronic enhancement of pixels.” It also features a laser light source, which has an automatic optimization feature that enhances the contrast in accordance with the scene for better blacks and whites.

It also comes with Sony’s Triluminous display technology and the ability to project 4K 3D content.

Sony has not announced a date for this short throw projectors release, but you can find out more about it today via the source link below.

Source: Sony

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