As we expected, Sony have just unveiled their next generation console, the PlayStation 4, more specs and product shots to be revealed soon.

Sony’s Lead System Architet, Mark Cerny revealed more details during the event, mentioning how Sony has been exploring how to evolve  “the PlayStation ecosystem,” presumably that’ss with the new console.

He continued to say “We were able to create in PlayStation 4 a system by game creators, for game creators,” which will include  “highly enhanced” PC GPU with “almost 2 teraflops of performance,”there’s an unkown amount of storage but we do know it will include 8GB of GDDR5 system memory and that DualShock 4 controller.

The PS4 will also be able to pause and resume apps and games mid-game, allowing for multitasking at any point, he also went on to talk about a second chip within the system that will be used to manage uploads and downloads, allowing you to download games even when the system’s off, or in the background.

You can even begin playing the game as it downloads.

The console will also include extensive sharing features, allowing you to share a screenshot with friends or even the entire game, PSN users will now be able to share gameplay streams with friends and allow them to take control remotely.

PS3 games won’t be supported, but they will be streamed to the PS4 through the Gaikai service, or PlayStation Cloud as it will be called now, it will also stream demos to the system.

PlayStation Cloud will allow users to stream PS1, PS2, PS3, and PlayStation Mobile games, David Perry revealed during the event, he also mentioned how the system will include UStream and Facebook integration.

The system will also allow for remote play via the Play over the PlayStation Vita.

The console will launch Holiday 2013.

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