The last couple of days have been filled with computer announcements, and there’s still many more to come, most recently one from Sony, who have today announced two new Ultrabooks to become their flagship range.

Dubbed the VAIO Pro 11 and Pro 13, the laptops only weigh in at 1.92 and 2.34 pounds respectively, with Sony claiming them to be the lightest touchscreen Ultrabooks that have ever been made.

Alongside which they also say they will even last longer, with the Pro 11 lasting up to 14 hours and the Pro 13 getting 12 hours, both will also include new Haswell processors, and the 13-inch model will even include a PCI SSD.

Both of the models come with a carbon fiber design, with the choice of either or Core i5 or Core i7 processor, both are fitted with a 1080p IPS display, NFC connectivity, a backlit keyboard, Exmor webcam, but with no optical drive.

Both Ultrabooks will be available from June 9th, the Pro 11 priced at $1,150 and the Pro 13 at $1,250 in the US.

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