Despite Microsoft announcing their own new console back at E3, Sony still has yet to unveil the long-rumoured PlayStation Neo.

That said, they may do this during an event that they have set for September 7th.

This event will be hosted at the PlayStation Theatre in New York City at 3PM ET, it was confirmed in a set of invites that Sony sent out earlier today and is said to be where Sony will “share details about the PlayStation business.”

We don’t yet know if this will definitely be the event that Sony unveils the Neo, however, it is very likely.

According to rumours, the PlayStation Neo will support 4K games and media, with a boost in processing power. It is also said that the console will support Sony’s PlayStation VR headset that is set for launch in October.

However, nothing has been made official yet.

We will let you know as soon as something official has been announced.

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