There’s two products that Sony make well in terms of design (in my opinion), TVs and their PlayStation consoles, and now it seems they have decided to go ahead and mix the two, unveiling a new 4K Ultra HD Media Player, that borrows the same stacked design that debuted with the PS4, and then adding on top a flat front and glossy finish to go with your set.

The device has been dubbed the FMP-X10 officially, and will allow users to both download and stream 4K films and TV shows right from the box to their TV. On top of that it can also access both Netflix and Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K service, and even features 1TB of storage with support for Sony’s TRILUMINOUS Color technology.

As of yet no specific release date for the device, or a price has been released, but its clear that Sony will likely market it alongside the PS4, given its lack of 4K streaming.

If that is something that they’re thinking off, I suppose the design choice makes sense really.


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