It’s defiantly going to be a busy year ahead for gamers worldwide, but for those who don’t quite fancy picking up one of the next-generation consoles, Sony has now revealed a discounted price for their PS3 Super Slim 12GB model which will now be priced at €199 in Europe or $199 in the US, alongside the previously announced £160 in the UK.

This is considerably cheaper than the PS4, which has been priced at £349, but the features are likely to be a worthwhile trade, what with those next-gen graphics and beefed up CPU.

Not saying the features are bad i the Super Slim as are defiantly worth checking out, featuring a Blu-Ray drive, built-in WiFi and expansibility using USB ports.

Sony also announced the release date for the PS4, as well as some launch date discounts on converting PS3 games to PS4 titles, check that out here.

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