With every iDevice there is a set of apps that are pretty much pre-installed, these include the iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore, but they have been left with more or less the same design since each of there launches, so maybe its time for Apple to bring some new features and designs to these applications.

And according to one source that is exactly what they will be offering in the iOS 6 update, these updates are supposedly going to focus on much better interactivity when purchasing content, alongside this there is various rumors that Apple might be adding a lot more social options within the OS, which could include things like auto sharing when you purchase an app on Facebook.

Probably the biggest feature that is bound to be included is the introduction of the recently purchased Chomp software, which will allow them to include improved discoverability of new applications, so a new Genius basically.

What do you think will be included in iOS 6? Drop us a comment below.

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