SpaceX has been dealing with some big problems lately that have pushed some of their upcoming launches back, news which comes after the company encountered a problem with the Falcon 9 whilst on the launch pad earlier this year.

Recently they had to delay their return to flight until early January of next year, but today it has been revealed that it isn’t just that launch that they have had to delay yet another launch.

This time, it is the delay of the launch of their first manned Dragon capsule launch, which was originally expected to be launched next year, however, today it was revealed that this mission has been delayed until 2018 as the company continues to evaluate their Falcon 9 rocket fueling system.

Because of these problems, NASA has revealed some concerns over SpaceX’s plan to fuel the rockets that they plan to launch with the crew capsule on board for this mission, SpaceX has said that they have “continued to work closely with NASA and is completing all planned milestones for this period” in order to set out a new timeline that includes an unmanned demo launch of the crew capsule for November 2017, as well as various tests for other equipment like spacesuits and parachutes.

It is very important for SpaceX to reach these goals as competition is increasing for the company, particularly with Boeing who are working to develop what they claim to be the next generation of spacecraft, the CS-100 Starliner, of course, that has also been delayed until 2018, so SpaceX does still have time.

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