What makes SpaceX, SpaceX is that they never give up, they have been through a number of issues since Elon Musk first gambled his funds into it, but after each one, they have still tried again.

And the company has not changed in all of that time.

According to SpaceX’s president and COO, Gwynne Shotwell the company could return to space as early as this November after the recent Falcon 9 explosion.

He revealed this at Euroconsult’s World Satellite Business Week conference in Paris this week, where he said “We’re anticipating getting back to flight, being down for about three months, and getting back to flight in November.”

That said, they will not be taking off from their usual spot of Launch Complex 40, which is because the explosion left that site seriously damage. But there is a new launch pad located at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, named Launch Complex 39A.

That one should be available by November and is capable of supporting launches of both the Falcon 9 and the Falcon Heavy.

The latter of which is really important, as SpaceX were planning to carry out a demo mission of the Falcon Heavy in late 2016, obviously that has now been pushed back, but it is possible that we will see a launch in the first quarter of 2017.

That all said, SpaceX has not revealed any specific details yet, we will let you know as soon as they do.

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