Last night, SpaceX launched another Falcon 9 rocket into space.

This launch was as part of their mission to launch a Japanese communications satellite into orbit, called JSCAT-16, SpaceX took it into geostationary transfer orbit, a journey that is 20,000 miles out beyond Earth’s surface, which requires a lot of speed and fuel to take off.

Normally, this would mean that it would be difficult for the Falcon 9 to land after completing this mission, however, SpaceX still managed to land this rocket, which is the third time the company has managed to land a Flacon 9 that was bound for GTO.

In total, SpaceX has successfully landed six Falcon 9 rockets.

The aim is to re-launch these rockets after they have landed, however, SpaceX still has yet to complete this aim.

Whilst we wait for more news on that, you can check out the pictures from this week’s launch below.

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