[Update March 5th 4th] After a long wait, Elon Musk has finally confirmed what happened to stage-1.

[Update March 4th 3rd] And the SES-9 satellite has successfully deployed.

[Update March 4th 2nd] SpaceX successfully launched the SES-9 rocket, finally. Unfortunately, the video feed cut out just before Stage 1 reached the platform, so we don’t yet know if it landed, we at least know it launched, which is the most that we are expecting for today’s launch given the fuel requirements of this launch.

Here’s a video of the launch:

And here’s the little view we have of the barge landing/ crash:

[Update March 4th] SpaceX is going to give it another go today, and are planning the launch and land the SES-9 rocket at 6:46 PM ET (11:46 PM GMT) today. You can watch it live below, fingers crossed.

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[Original Story] Today will mark the fifth time that SpaceX has attempted to land a rocket upright on a ship as SpaceX attempts the feat once again later today.

All of their previous four attempts have ended in explosions so it will be interesting to see if they succeed today, although the company has already landed successfully on land, it would need to succeed in sea landing if their space travel plans are going to succeed.

However, today’s launch will not just be about landing the rocket, it’s main mission will be the deploy the SES-9 satellite into geostationary orbit so that it can broadcast video to Asian markets.

To do so it will need to be 22,000 miles above the earth, meaning that the rocket will have to travel faster and for a longer amount of time. Once it has reached its destination the rocket will release its payload and then the rocket’s booster will send to ship back towards Earth in order to land on the drone ship “Of Corse I Sill Love You”, which will be eagerly waiting off the coast of Cape Canaveral.

If the rocket does successfully land it will be a massive feat, not only will it have to hit its 300 x 100-foot target (which it has done successfully every mission), but it will also have to do so on a site that is moving and bobbing.

It will certainly be interesting to see. The 90-minute launch window will kick off at 6:46 PM ET (11:46 PM GMT), at which point SpaceX will be live streaming the event on their Livestream channel. You can watch it live below.

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[Update March 1st 2] SpaceX has once again been forced to cancel the launch attempt, this time due to poor weather conditions, here’s their statement:

Unfortunately upper-level winds continue to exceed acceptable limits and are expected to get worse as we approach tonight’s launch window, so we are forgoing today’s launch attempt. Winds are forecast to exceed acceptable limits through Thursday. Our team will continue working with the Air Force’s Launch Weather Officer to evaluate the best available opportunity for flight in the coming days.

Elon Musk also explained with the following Tweet:

[Update March 1st] SpaceX has once again scheduled a launch for later today, set to kick off at 6:35PM ET (23:35 GMT), it is the fourth attempt to launch this rocket.

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[Update February 28th] SpaceX scheduled another launch on Sunday, however, it did not succeed, with a failure in the launch sequence, here’s Elon Musk’s explanation:

[Update February 25th 2] The launch today was aborted once again, SpaceX do not yet have a day when they will try to launch the rocket again, however, they hope to do so later this week, we will keep you updated.

[Update February 25th] If all goes well SpaceX will be attempting its ocean landing today, watch the video below to see it live.

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[Update February 24th] SpaceX has postponed the launch, sending out the following statement:

“Team opting to hold launch for today. Looking to try again tomorrow; window also opens at 6:46pm ET. Rocket and spacecraft remain healthy.”

So it seems we will have to wait until tomorrow.

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