[Update 10 April 10th] The Dragon has been installed successfully.

[Update 9 April 10th] The Dragon-8 will be installed on the ISS at 8:45AM central time, at which point NASA will live stream it here:


[Update 8 April 10th] The ISS has captured the Dragon, this is 10 months after SpaceX’s last launch, which did not complete due to an accident.

Over the next few days the cargo from the Dragon-8 will be unloaded, alongside the new expanding habitat.

[Update 7 April 10th]

[Update 6 April 10th] The ISS will be capturing the Dragon module today, you can watch it live here:


[Update 5 April 9th] Or you could just watch the whole webcast:

[Update 4 April 9th] And now we have the following video, providing a different view of that epic landing, check it out:

[Update 3 April 9th] Elon Musk has today tweeted a cool view of stage one landing, with a view from the stage itself. Check it out:

[Update 2 April 8th] And the Flacon 9 has successfully landed on “Of Course I Still Love You”, a truely amazing feat, and makes SpaceX the first company to ever launch a mission into low Earth orbit and land the rocket on ground after (technically Amazon’s Blue landed on land first, however, SpaceX was the first to do so during a real space mission), and land a rocket at sea after launching it into low Earth orbit.


[Update 1 April 8th] The Falcon 9 has launched successfully.


[Original Story] SpaceX has this week confirmed that they will be launching their CRS-8 mission on Friday, April 8th.

The mission is scheduled to launch at 4:43PM ET (around 8:43PM GMT), with a live stream scheduled to also go live around 20 minutes before, which will include footage from the launch of the mission, as well as information about its launch.

SpaceX will be using the Falcon 9 rocket for the launch, which will be used to bring their Dragon spacecraft into low-Earth orbit and deliver “critical cargo” to the International Space Station for NASA.

The Dragon spacecraft will be deployed around 10 minutes after the launch, and will be attached to the ISS about two days later, it will be carrying around 7,000 pounds of supplies and payloads for the space station crew, including NASA’s new Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, which will attach to the space station and demonstrate expandable in-space habitat technology.

Probably the most exciting part of the launch may be after the stage separation, when the first stage of the Falcon 9 will attempt an experimental landing on the “of Course I Still Love You” droneship in the Atlantic Ocean, if they succeed such, it will be the first time a rocket has landed after launch on sea.

SpaceX has already managed to land an launch the Falcon 9 before, however, they have only done so on hard ground, landing on the sea would be a much larger feat due to the fact that the sea moves.

If today’s landing is a success, it could also become the first rocket that SpaceX has launched twice, the one that landed back in December will not be re-launched due to it’s historical significance to SpaceX, however, it’s quite possible that today’s Flacon 9.

If the launch should fail then they do have a backup of April 9th at 4:20PM ET (around 8:20PM GMT), however, with all fingers crossed, the launch will happen later today.

You can watch the action live via the stream above. (STREAM OVER)

Here’s the projected timeline for the mission:

CRS-9 timeline

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