[Update March 16th] SpaceX has successfully launched the EchoStar 23 into orbit.

Catch up with the launch via our Twitter embed below.

You can also rewatch the entire launch via the embed below.

[Original] Back in January of this year, SpaceX switched up their plans, launching the CRS-10 Dragon cargo mission to the International Space Station (ISS) ahead of the planned launch of the EchoStar 23 satellite, that they delayed from its previously scheduled launch on February 3rd to late February, neither of which actually happened.

In fact, SpaceX won’t be launching this EchoStar 23 satellite until March 14th 16th, which they confirmed on Twitter today with the following message:

In this message, SpaceX confirmed that the satellite will be launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center from the legendary Launch Complex 39A, the second flight from the pad after this month’s CRS-10 cargo mission last month.

This comes after their successful static fire test, which is a full test ahead of the official launch and consists of a 3.5-second firing of the nine Merlin 1D engines.

SpaceX is targeting a launch window that opens at 01:34 EDT on March 14th 1:35am EDT on March 16th and will last for a total of 2.5 hours.

If something major goes round, or if they run out of time then they have March 16th. This comes after a range of delays from SpaceX, which have left the company significantly behind in their launch schedule.

But SpaceX do still have plans for the rest of the year, with possibly the most important mission that SpaceX will ever complete coming this month.

This will happen with the launch of the SES-10, which that will be boosting into orbit on the top of a Falcon 9 that they previously used to launch the CRS-10, marking the first time that any commercial company has successfully reused a rocket for satellite launches into orbit.

We will update you as we hear more about these two launches and all future SpaceX launches, so be sure to keep it locked to TechNutty.

[Update 2 March 13th: The Echostar XXII is now on the pad]

[Update March 13th: We now have a code for the live embed, so you can watch the whole event unfold above]

[Update March 14th: SpaceX postponed due to high winds.]

[Update 2 March 14th: SpaceX has now set a target for their second attempt at the launch, which will now be March 16th]

[Update March 15th: We have embedded a live stream so you can watch the launch live above.]

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