NASA has today revealed that they have awarded SpaceX with a contract to launch their SWOT satellite in 2021.

SWOT or the Surface Water and Ocean Topography is a NASA mission that is set to kick off at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and will include a Falcon 9 rocket powering the satellite’s launch into orbit, where NASA will conduct what they claim to be “the first-ever global survey of Earth’s surface water.”

They will be taking detailed recordings to attempt to explain how our oceans change over time with the satellite, allowing them to monitor the oceans and learn more about a place that has been left widely unexplored for some time.

This is great news for SpaceX, especially after their recent explosion in September.

It shows that NASA still has great confidence in the commercial space company and that they are ready to show that with actual contracts. SpaceX tweeted the following reaction to the news:

As always, we will have the latest news about this and all other space related news here on TechNutty, so be sure to keep checking on our homepage.

Source: NASA

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